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Customize a Chef’s Coat

Various Ways to Customize a Chef’s Coat

A quality chef is of the key ingredients (pun intended) to a successful restaurant. Trained to add their own personal touch to dishes that leave a lasting impression on dinner guests and taste buds alike, why shouldn't their attire do just the same?  Designing a custom chef’s coat is an effective...
Help Your Restaurant Stand Out

How Custom Aprons Will Help Your Restaurant Stand Out

If you think aprons are outdated, you might want to think again… While necessary by function, these kitchen accessories have the power to take your restaurant's uniform game to the next level. Aside from the obvious sanitation and safety measures to help protect cooking staff,  replacing your pla...
How To Get Stains Out

How To Get Stains Out Of Chef Coats And Aprons

A kitchen can be a messy place. which means that stains and spills on your Chef Coat or Apron are just a part of your everyday norm. We have a few tips to keep your gear looking like new again. Cleaning Your Chef Coat To Look Brand New Ensuring your uniform looks clean and professional isn’t just...
Blackberry Fennel Handpies

Blackberry Fennel Handpies

Blackberry Fennel Handpies with Halo Top Pistachio Ice Cream(Makes 6 pies)Pie Dough:1/2 Cup Almond Flour3/4 Cup AP Flour1 stick Unsalted Butter2 oz. Soda Water ChilledIn a food processor combine flour and cold butter until butter resembles pebbles. Incorporate water being sure not to over mix. E...

Tilit's Fireside Chat with Chef Jeremy Fox

Q: You’re well known for your treatment of vegetables, what drew you to this focus? A: I think it was the fact that I was in Manresa and we started a partnership with Love Apple Farms, with Cynthia Sandberg, and all of the sudden we’re getting all of this crazy produce. It was just really eye-op...
Photo by Heidi Geldhauser Ryan Butler, chef and co-owner of Butler Bakeshop sits with Tilit Founder Alex McCrery to chat about taking the leap from chef to business owner. Butler Bakeshop is "a modern bakery concept with a worldview on pastries". Butler Bakeshop opened its doors October 8th, 201...