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chef shoes

MISE: The New Standard of Kitchen Shoes

When we started TILIT, we knew we wanted to offer the most elegant, functional workwear available to the hospitality industry. In MISE, we saw our passions reflected, and knew a partnership with them would be a natural match. It's like they say: invest wisely in what you put between you and the ...
As a general rule, I rarely follow recipes to the dime and I definitely discourage doing so with mine. Vegetables and proteins can vary in size and flavor, as can the size of your pot or the strength of your heat. So, that being said, here's a rough run down of my gumbo.  Dark Roux - Mixture of t...
Customize a Chef’s Coat

Various Ways to Customize a Chef’s Coat

A quality chef is of the key ingredients (pun intended) to a successful restaurant. Trained to add their own personal touch to dishes that leave a lasting impression on dinner guests and taste buds alike, why shouldn't their attire do just the same?  Designing a custom chef’s coat is an effective...
Help Your Restaurant Stand Out

How Custom Aprons Will Help Your Restaurant Stand Out

If you think aprons are outdated, you might want to think again… While necessary by function, these kitchen accessories have the power to take your restaurant's uniform game to the next level. Aside from the obvious sanitation and safety measures to help protect cooking staff,  replacing your pla...
How To Get Stains Out

How To Get Stains Out Of Chef Coats And Aprons

A kitchen can be a messy place. which means that stains and spills on your Chef Coat or Apron are just a part of your everyday norm. We have a few tips to keep your gear looking like new again. Cleaning Your Chef Coat To Look Brand New Ensuring your uniform looks clean and professional isn’t just...
Alluring Aprons

Alluring Aprons: The Fashion of The Kitchen

Looking to make a statement in the kitchen the next time you’re whipping up a killer dish? Well then, meet your new best friend: the apron. From chic patterns and designs to premium high-quality fabrics, aprons are a chef’s must-have while cooking up their next masterpiece.  Although simple by de...