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chef shoes

MISE: The New Standard of Kitchen Shoes

When we started TILIT, we knew we wanted to offer the most elegant, functional workwear available to the hospitality industry. In MISE, we saw our passions reflected, and knew a partnership with them would be a natural match.

It's like they say: invest wisely in what you put between you and the ground. Food service work means hours on your feet carrying heavy loads, often in slippery conditions. MISE shoes for the culinary industry are designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Among the reasons we love MISE:

1. High performance.

MISE shoes are designed for the rigors of hospitality life. Whether you are on the line in the kitchen, behind the bar, or working the floor, their shoes reduce stress and strain every day you wear them. There is no break-in period like you experience with traditional kitchen clogs. MISE shoes are comfortable and ready to go from the first day you wear them.

2. Quality materials and construction

MISE brings together components that offer athletic shoe inspired comfort and pairs them with kitchen shoe safety. The pliable molded leather upper has a secure and flexible fit, so they wear beautifully right out of the box.

The midsole utilizes BLOOM RISE EVA for durability and comfort, no matter how long your shift is.

The non-slip outsole is made from BASF Elastollan TPU. This material is well-loved for its unrivaled traction and stability across a range of surfaces.

Plus, the shoes are equipped with easy-to-remove Insoles with integrated booties. The dense, perforated neoprene offers stretch and great support for comfort all day. Plus, their unique design means they are easy to clean.

3. Minimal, modular construction.

The removable Insoles mean you can replace parts as they wear instead of having to replace the entire shoe. Find that your MISE Standard Shells are ready for replacement, but the Insoles are still full of life? Or, do you find Insoles wear faster for you while the outer surfaces stay in great shape?

Buy just the part you need to keep your shoes going strong. This means less cash outlay for you and less waste affecting the environment. 

Plus, the removable Insoles mean that a spill mid-shift doesn't have to result in wet feet till close. Simply swap out your Insoles for fresh ones to keep on going. 

4. Sleek, attractive footwear.

Often, it can feel like you are having to choose between looks and function when it comes to work shoes. MISE shoes are highly functional and good-looking enough you'll be happy to pair them with whatever you wear to work.

The seamless upper means less chance of spills causing damage to your shoes. Plus, the look of MISE shoes is stylish enough to wear outside the kitchen.

5. Sustainable design.

MISE shoes use a modular design that allows you to extend the life of your shoes to produce less waste. Their minimal construction also cuts down on the total number of materials used–up to 75% less than the average shoe. And planet-friendly materials such as the BLOOM midsoles give the level of performance you expect from conventional foam with far lower environmental impact. 

At TILIT, we're all about pairing beautiful design with unbeatable function. This is why we're so enamored of these stylish, tough shoes. We think you'll love them, too. Check out the collection to start putting the best you can between you and the floor on your longest, most intense hospitality shifts.


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