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Customize a Chef’s Coat

Various Ways to Customize a Chef’s Coat

A quality chef is of the key ingredients (pun intended) to a successful restaurant. Trained to add their own personal touch to dishes that leave a lasting impression on dinner guests and taste buds alike, why shouldn't their attire do just the same? 

Designing a custom chef’s coat is an effective way to promote your restaurant, while establishing a heightened level of professionalism that customers can trust.

Keep reading to discover different ways you can design a custom chef coat that kitchen staff will devour.

Stay With Branding

Rules were meant to be broken. When designing your new chef’s coat, don’t be afraid to step away from the traditional dark fabric. If your restaurant’s brand features vibrant colors, have your aprons and chef’s coats match!

It’s important to empower your chefs with high quality coasts that keep them safe, clean and respected. Aligning chefs’ coats with the rest of your staff’s uniforms also helps to display a professional and cohesive identity.

Deciding on a Fabric Color & Style 

Gone are the days when chefs had to wear dark, black uniforms  or traditional uniforms to work. If you want them to wear a blue work shirt instead of a white chef coat, do it!

One of the best ways to design a custom chef’s coat is by choosing a fabric color that best represents your restaurant and its atmosphere. With so many color options these days, it shouldn't be difficult finding the hue that aligns with your branding. 

Even more formal restaurants who prefer to stay with black, white, or neutral colors, have more than enough options to distinguish themselves from other dining establishments. For example, if your restaurant is more modern and bold in terms of its personality, choosing one of the colored fabrics can set you apart from the other restaurants, while still representing your brand.

Add Logos Or Names

Personalizing coats with your chefs’ names is a great way to make staff feel special, while also elevating their overall look. Of course, you should also apply your restaurant’s logo to help keep branding consistent across all uniforms.

Ask Your Staff

Want to find the best way to customize your new chef coats? Survey your kitchen staff! Ask them what they would like to have in their new uniform or what they think is missing from what they’re wearing now. 

Going straight to the source is one of the best ways to create a custom chef’s coat that represents the ethos of your staff. And while you can’t accommodate every request, this can at least help you explore different ways to enhance the uniforms they wear daily.

Start Personalizing Your Custom Chef Coat Today

The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a unique chef’s coat that staff can be proud to wear. Ready to give your restaurant a style refresh? Head on over to Tilit and start designing your custom chef’s coats today!

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