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Must-Have Accessories For Restaurant Workers

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  1. Must-Have Accessories For Restaurant Workers

    Find essentials backpacks, bags, hats, beanies, gift cards, and more.

  2. Cooking Is Sport Pennants

Chef & Restaurant Accessories

Our phenomenal chef and restaurant accessories collection has products that easily transition from the kitchen to the streets. We carry backpacks, bags, hats, beanies, gift cards, sharpies, and more at Tilit. Our innovative products have functional features, high-quality materials, and thoughtful designs created to work for kitchen, restaurant, and hospitality professionals. Discover our incredible chef backpacks designed to comfortably carry clothes, knives, and tools safely; or, check out our bartender bags developed to hold everything from stirrers, strainers, and knives to bottles, spoons, and books, and bandanas. Tilit has the items you’ve been looking for. Browse all our chef and restaurant accessories to find exactly what you need!