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Introducing The Over Easy Collection

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  1. Introducing The Over Easy Collection

    Functionality meets Fashion. Discover and fall in love with our newest products.

Introducing Our Newest Innovative Product Line in Kitchen Workwear: The Over Easy by TILIT.


Embodying our steadfast commitment to sustainability, our "Over Easy" collection emerges as a testament to our core values. This collection offers a dual approach, featuring both overprinted T-shirts and overdyed garments, each echoing our dedication to resource-efficient practices.

In our dyeing process, we've carefully selected a soft indigo hue, perfectly timed for the winter and spring, to infuse our custom apparel. From work jackets to aprons and jumpsuits, our inventory of natural-colored fabrics receives this gentle treatment. Complementing these dyed styles are new additions in rich navies, yellows, and blues, including Sunday pants, overshirts, contra aprons, and beanies, adding depth and versatility to our range. 

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Over Easy, Never Under Cooked