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You've got lots of questions. So we took a few minutes to jot down what we thought you might ask, as well as some ridiculous things we hope you don't ask.

Your Chef Coats are amazing, but do you offer Bulk Order Discounts?

Yes!! Give us a call, stop by the Tilit retail store, or email us to hear about our bulk order discounts starting at 12 pieces. We also have a Wholesale Order page on site where you can easily order and get a volume discount at checkout.

Can I Get My Chef Coats Embroidered?

Of course! We have a great embroidery partner who will embroider your chef coat with your name and/or your logo. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your design ideas.

Tilit Chef Coats

The Tilit Chef Jackets were created through a community interactive process: #ChefCoatProject. Nationwide chefs submitted their ideas and recommendations for design, utility and wearability. After a year of collaborative community testing, the Tilit Chef Coats were launched. Design details like stretch side mesh panels, adjustable side tabs and apron snap tab make the wearer feel and look comfortable, clean and look professional.