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fit guide

A Fit Guide for Tilit Chef Coats and Shirts!


We get a lot of questions about our different chef coat and shirt fits. We want to make sure you find the right size and fit for what you're looking for, so here's a quick, simple breakdown.


Free, Easy Returns

While everyone wants to have their gear fit perfectly, don't worry about finding the best fit on the first try. We offer fast, easy returns and exchanges, no questions asked! 👍


Different Fits Of Chef Coats/Shirts

All of our chef coats and shirts offer different styles and fits so that everyone can find the right fit for their body. Here are some of our best-selling coats/shirts and the differences between each:


Get your measurements!

Now that you have a clear breakdown of what chef coat or shirt will fit your needs the best, lets move on to sizing!

Before choosing your size, measure yourself so that you can compare your size to the size chart that we have for every product in our collection.

fit guide


Find The Size Chart!

Now, once you've had the time to measure yourself, find the shirt/coat that caught your eye (check out our best-selling shirt trio as well), and click on its size chart to see what size works best for you! 

And if you still have confusion about our sizing, don't hesitate to come to our retail store on 319 Grand St. in the Lower East Side, or call us at 646-422-7197. We'll find you your perfect fit!


Free, Easy Returns

Don't forget! Bought the wrong size? No worries, we offer fast, easy returns and exchanges!

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