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Jumpsuit Interview with Cara Nicoletti

Cara hosts MunchiesThe Hangover Show and works as a butcher in New York City.

Cara in our Women's Jumpsuit in black.

Can you give me a brief rundown of your "average" work day? (I know you probably don't have a normal work day, but as best as you can!)

Right now things are a little different for me work day wise because I'm not anchored in a butcher shop, breaking down animals, making sausage and helping customers. I'm in the process of launching a sausage brand, so a lot of my day, for the first time in my working life, is spent on the phone and computer, talking to purveyors and USDA facilities, meat and produce farmers and trying to run numbers on recipe cost--sexy stuff like that. I generally do that from 9-3 or 4 every day and then I give myself a couple of hours to make something with my hands so I don't go crazy. I've been making lots of sausage in my own kitchen to test recipes and give to friends. Keeping my hands busy is the only way to keep my brain happy.

How would you describe your personal style?

I've always been more about comfort and utility than fashion. I tend wear a lot of men's wear, because there aren't a ton of good workwear brands for women that fit me, and it's important that my clothes can take a beating at work. I feel sexiest and most feminine in overalls or a jumpsuit, or dark jeans and a simple white t-shirt. large hoops always and a good pair of clogs.

How does your work play into that?

Butchering is incredibly hard on your clothes, you're carrying heavy, fatty things on your shoulder and sharp bones and knives are always nicking you, your clothes have to be durable enough to handle that. It's also very physically demanding, which means you have to wear things that give your body room to move and stretch. It's hard to find both durability and comfort in workwear, it's generally one or the other (until now!)

One word you'd use to describe why you do what you do? You're more than welcome to explain why you chose the word, or just let it ride!

Legacy. (it's important to me to keep my family legacy and craft alive after 4 generations)

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