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 Tiffany Senin

Tilit Test Kitchen with Tiffany Senin!

We were lucky to have Tiffany Senin, Sous Chef at Bricolage, come in to our test kitchen and cook an amazing dish!

Tiffany made a dessert she calls, "Peaches and Cream". It consists of 5 spice roasted peaches, coconut sticky cake, beetroot syrup, ginger ice cream, puffed rice, plus ghost pepper honey granules from Spiceology!


Tiffany Senin

While Tiffany was here we also asked her a few questions about herself and her inspiration for the dish!


What is your role at Bricolage? 

I am the Sous Chef. I started in the end of April. I met the owner through the Asian Food Mafia, a small group of asian business owners trying to elevate asian cuisine in NYC. The hype around asian food is that it's cheap and quick, and people often think of the take out, and for us, we're just trying to elevate that to a higher standard. 

What ingredient did you want to highlight?

I mean, the dish is called peaches and cream. I wanted to make something that represented summertime, something light and airy. So I used local peaches, ginger ice cream, and also wanted to lean towards asian flavors, hence the 5 spice peaches. I also used coconut cake, which is also very asian inspired.

What inspired this dish?

Like I said before, was going for summertime feel with this dish. And also, I'm full Chinese, with an asian background. My grandma is from Indonesia and uses a lot of tropical styles, so that inspired me as well.

What's your fave Tilit item to work in?

Definitely the jumpsuit. It's a must have. It's very versatile, especially since a lot of times, I'm going back and forth between FOH and BOH. It's easy to make a simple decision in the morning and just throw the jumpsuit on. Plus, it has tons of pockets which is useful.

Tiffany Senin

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