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oyster happy hour

Oyster Happy Hour Wrap-up!

To celebrate the launch of our Oyster Shucker's Apron with Island Creek Oysters, it only felt right to have an oyster-filled happy hour!
oyster happy hour

 It wouldn't be an oyster happy hour without some of the best oysters in the business, courtesy of Island Creek of course! 

One of our favorites was the oyster with quail egg yolk and chicharonnes!

oyster happy hour


 Empire Estate Wine came through with the amazing Riesling white wine, which went perfect with the oysters!

P.S. If you enjoyed our exclusive taste of Empire Estate’s dry Riesling, we are excited to offer a special 10% off your order of Empire Estate from our friends at Verve Wine using the promo code Empire10 at checkout!


Refreshing, cooled beers from the good people at Sunday Beer!

sunday beer

 And Goodnight Sonny's prepared some delicious watermelon margaritas!


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