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Customizing your Chef Shirt

4 Simple Steps for Customizing your Chef Shirt!

Customizing your Chef Shirt
We are proud to outfit teams from head to toe! That's why we offer a full range of customizable work wear in addition to just aprons.  Want to get your team in sweet custom shirts or coats? We got you, it's easy and here's how!

Customizing your Chef Shirt

Custom work shirts we made for our good friends at Elske Restaurant.

1. Pick Your Coat Or Shirt Style:

Feel sloppy in a porter shirt but not feeling a chef coat? Or only cook in double-breasted but don't want white?

chef shirt


2. Pick Your Fabric:

Need lightweight and breathable? Feeling eco-friendly fabrics? We have an extensive library for you to choose from.


3. Find Your Perfect Buttons:

Sick of buttons breaking? We custom make coated metal buttons in a range of color options


4. Want your brand represented, but short on time?

Our embroidery team is here to help. Choose a stock style. Add your logo. bada bing bada boom.


Ready to start designing your custom chef shirt or chef coat? Or love our stock collection and want to outfit then entire team? Get in touch with one of our account managers here!  

Summer bonus, from now until Labor Day, buy 12+ chef coats/shirts/aprons and get 2 FREE!

Customizing your Chef Shirt

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