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National Restaurant Association Wrap-Up!

We had such a blast while at the NRA Show in Chicago! We reunited with old friends, and made tons of new ones! Here's a wrap up of the people (and food!) we encountered throughout our time in Chicago:

Jeff Dysart, founder of 2c Chicago, in our Wrinkle-Free Apron with Tilit co-founder Jenny in our Limited EditionYellow Contra of Chefs Apron!


Chef Govind Armstrong getting ready to demo in our PPX Chef Coat!

National Restaurant

Chef Anders Linden, founder of Oumph, in our black Worker Coat!

National Restaurant

The whole Chobani team in their custom-made Contra Aprons!


Chef Tiffany Senin in our soon to come 'Jade' Aunthentic Apron

tiffany senin          

Now the good part... the food!

lena brava

Sous Chef  Iliana Loza in our Authentic Bib Apron!

sous chef


fat rice
Pork and Ginger Dumplings!

la lula cafe
Saffron Rissoto (left) and Pasta "YiaYia"!

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