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best chef coats in nyc

Ingredients of a Great Chef Coat

At Tilit NYC we analyze every component of our workwear just like you create a new dish. We make samples, we test, we make more tweaks and make sure all the ingredients are just right.

So what makes or chef coats so special?

1. Fit: For starters, we make a men’s and women’s chef’s coat to make sure no one has to wear a boxy or ill-fitting chef coat.

2. It's all in the details: Did you know we were the first company to put a tab on the back of chef jackets to hold do your apron? Yep, we put our signature apron tab on the back of every chef coat and workshirt so you can work comfortably all day without the apron strap tugging on your neck.

3. Performance: Our chef coats are designed with a performance stretch side panel for increased airflow and breathability so you stay cool even during your busiest service.

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