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chef traditions


chef traditions


We asked father's in our community what their Father's Day rituals are. Check them out!

King Phojanakong, owner of Kuma Inn
"Three words. Whole Roast Pig. And if that doesn't work out, plan B is usually Chinatown."

Tim Mussig, CEO of JB Prince
"Cooking breakfast with my son Alberto is the way to go on Father’s day ! It is truly quality time and we both enjoy it. You build this awesome bond while sharing a learning experience which is what being a dad is all about for me."

Felipe Donnelly, co-owner of Colonia Verde
"Well this year, Mexico will be playing Germany in their first World Cup match, so I will be with my family and friends watching the game at home. As this is not a typical ritual, but usually it consists of taking as much advantage of the kids as possible and probably making some super fluffy pancakes!"

Nicolas Abello, owner of L'Appart
"My day will begin by having coffee with my girlfriend Mckenzie as we watch our son Enzo play. We will then travel to our favorite place to have brunch and then off to the park to play. We will end the day grilling steaks at our home."

Alex McCrery, co-founder of Tilit NYC!
I’m a newbie to Father’s Day, but as long as it involves burgers, pizza and my family we’re all good!

Still thinking about a Father's Day gift? Here's what Team Tilit is gifting their dads this year!

fathers day idea for chef
The Schoolyard Apron, which comes in both kid and adult sizes so that Dad can spend some quality bonding time with the kids in the kitchen!

chef backpack
Chef Backpack, the ultimate organizer for Dad's chef clothes, tools, knifes, and tech!

traditions for chefs
The Luxe Apron, our widest framed chef apron, will have Dad looking sharp and ready for the kitchen.

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