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Team Tilit Heads to Chicago!

Come See Team Tilit in Chicago- We’ll make it worth it! ;)

Team Tilit NYC is headed to Chicago for the NRA show at McCormick Place this Saturday through Tuesday May 19-22nd! Come see us at Booth 9365 for new product sneak peeks, a few sick deals, and a raffle prize pack of Tilit gear worth $400.  

Where will Team Tilit  be when we aren’t manning the booth? Eating of course! There are too many good places to eat in Chicago so here’s what on our short list, let us know your Chicago faves?!

Elske, which means love in Danish, is run by husband and wife tandem David & Anna Posey. Their travels in Denmark influenced their clean, simple, and very modern approach to not only their food, but the entire design of Elske, from the dining room to the open-spaced, Scandinavian-inspired kitchen.

Skate cheeks with cannellini beans, leaf celery, and kohlrabi

Lula Cafe, which started as a small storefront on Kedzie Boulevard, has since expanded to 3 storefronts across Chicago, and while establishing itself as not only a founding member of the Logan Square culinary scene, but also as a forerunner of the farm-to-table movement in Chicago. 

lula cafe
Potato crepe, beef shortrib, cauliflower, confit fennel,
manchego, sunny side egg

Inspired by Chef-Owner Tony Manutano and Executive Chef Joe 
Flamm’s journey through Italy, Spiaggia sets the standard for Italian dining with it's dedication to authenticity and honoring Italian heritage. 

Wild boar chop, vin santo, morel, pistachio

Quiote, a stylish, multifaceted Mexican restaurant owned by former Salsa Truck owner Dan Salls, evolves depending on the time of day, whether it be a chill lunch taqueira, a popular dinner spot, or a fun late-night bar in the basement.

Crab and Eggs Avocado Toast

A recently opened rastaurant by Jason Hammel, who also owns Lula Cafe, Marisol shows it's versatility in being able to go from laid back, neighborhood coffee shop, to trendy, art-filled dinner spot at night. 

Sunflower tart with buckwheat and blackberries

Fat Rice came to be after co-owners Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo became inspired by a trip to the island of Macau. With it's unconventional and diverse Portuegese-Asian fusion menu, it's not a coincidence that Fat Rice lives on Diversey Ave.

fat rice
Roasted sweet potatoes with Malay curry, spinach and toasted coconut

Visit Smyth for an nice, upscale dinner, or head downstairs to Loyalist for some late night snacks at the bar. 

  Egg Yolk Soaked In Salted Licorice With Frozen Yogurt Meringue

Au Cheval


Enough said.

au cheval


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