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5 Go-To Ingredients for Spring!

It's springtime, and with warmer weather approaching, it’s time to update the items in your kitchen. Here’s a list of invigorating spring ingredients to incorporate into your cooking:

1. Cucumber
Add some cucumber slices to your spring picnic salad to keep it cool and refreshing.

Try out this cucumber salad dish by NY Times!


2. Ramps
This pungent onion is packed full of flavor that drastically elevates a savory dish.

Check out this Ramp Pesto Pasta.

pesto pasta

3. Rhubarb
Add a twist to your dessert with prepared rhubarb! Here in the Tilit Test Kitchen, we tried out a lemon custard recipe that incorporates the palatable vegetable.

Learn more here!


4. Radish
Though radishes are commonly found in salads, their fresh crunch can upgrade many dishes.

Check out this Herb and Radish Salad recipe.


5. Yellow and Red Swiss Chard
Known for it's great source of vitamins, chard is perfect for adding nutrition (and color!) do your salad, pasta, quiche, etc.


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