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Chef Leah Cohen & Ben Byruch

Episode 46: The realities of Street Patios & Take out windows : Chef Leah Cohen & Ben Byruch of Pig & Khao
Chef Leah Cohen & Ben Byruch of Pig & Khao

July 18, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Expenses cont.

Since restaurants are having to open in a way they aren’t used to, many are having to spend more money. At Pig & Khao for instance they have built platforms for their outdoor dining, bought new tables and chairs for that space and boxed in their open kitchen with plexiglass, just to name a few of their changes. 

2. Focusing on the now.

As a way to stay sane, Ben and Leah are trying to focus on the present and not worry about the future, because everything is such an unknown. 

3. Childcare.

Leah and Ben like so many are trying to run their business and make sure their son is taken care of. Bringing their nanny back in to work the measures they are taking are, making sure she tested negative before she started, and will get a test once a month, she wears a mask and gloves on her transportation into the city, and changes clothes/ washes her hands upon entering their home. 

4. Extend your reach.

In looking to expand the reach of their food, Pig and Khao are teaming up with CookUnity. A service that has all star chefs prepare meals for delivery. 

5. Be nice!

People in the restaurant industry are doing the best they can right now, so please the least you can do as a patron is be nice!

Opening Soon Announcements: Ms Yoo, Lilia, Vic’s in New York, NY. The Lucky Well  in Philadelphia, PA. 

Resources: 100 Pleats, and CookUnity.