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Episode 39

Episode 39 : P is for Pivot : Brandon Hoy, Jeremiah Stone & Fabian Von Hauske
Episode 39

April 22, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

Brandon Hoy

1. For Brandon’s business they looked into what was the weekly baseline amount of money they needed. In addition they also simplified their business so they could see what was needed in detail and not waste money.

2. Different routes Brandon has taken with his business included, grocery,  DIY pizza pasta and cocktail kits. He is also engaging with his customers by doing IGTV series where you can learn to make the drinks with the ingredients in the cocktail kit.

Jeremiah Stone and Fabian Von Hauske

1. What Jeremiah and Fabian have done with their restaurants is combine them and Rebrand them into one concept.

2. With their new delivery menu, they decided to reverse engineer the problems one would usually face with take out. They wanted their food to be something that you could enjoy that was not too fancy, something you could eat out of the box, had quality ingredients and would last the trip from the restaurant to your door.

3. As far as menu development goes, they are trying to do what makes sense. For them that means not only looking at what is available to them but also at how they can help the farmers and purveyors they work with.