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Too small to Fail

Episode 36 : Too small to Fail. The Hospitality Industry Organizes Relief Effort : Nate Adler, Greg Baxtrom & Max Katzenberg
Too small to Fail

March 24, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

Nate Adler

1. In these crazy times Nate says that a win-win for restaurants at this point is to either get the funds they need through a grant or raising it themselves. Then with these funds they can then use what they have for the greater good of the population, like using their equipment, staff, space and ingredients and open up a kind of soup kitchen.

2. Nate also launched an go fund me so that they could also serve meals to hospital workers. In addition to helping the hospital workers it also helps his restaurants because he can hire employees too. Making it a great way to utilize their power, time and how they can influence change during this time.

3. Gertie has also received a grant from the Lee Initiative. Which allows them to not only feed hospital workers in their community but also allows them to hire back some of their staff.

Greg Baxtrom & Max Katzenberg

1. Greg and Max of Olmstead and Maison Yaki in Brooklyn, NY have created the New York Hospitality Coalition which is not necessarily about restaurants like there but restaurants who may not necessarily have all they need to get through this and re-open. @nyhospcoalition on Instagram.

2. A silver lining from all this, is the opportunity to create a community of operators that can be used after this. Which will help benefits like sharing ideas, speaking on issues that affect their businesses directly, and since they will be one group, help them be heard.

3. To help out the best way is to be informed. Follow them on Instagram, sign up and subscribe for the coalition. They are trying to give the tools people need to get through this, and they will be putting out resources for operators in the workforce, and ways people can get involved and get the attention of representatives in offices.

4. Like Gertie, they too are involved in the Lee Initiative through their restaurant Olmstead.

Camilla Marcus

1. Camilla is a founder of ROAR, which is looking at NY state and how they can not only take care of the workers in the hospitality industry and how they can deliver an  income replacement program, but also working on how to make sure that after all this is said and done as many restaurants as possible can reopen.

2. Restaurants always take care for us and now its our turn. So its time to get loud. Use your platform, call representatives, use any connection you may have to the government. Get together so they can't ignore the voice. So get involved with ROAR and the IRC, and use the #roar #toosmalltofail.