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Gavin Kaysen and opening a dream restaurant

Episode 24 : Moving Markets to Build your Dream Restaurant : Gavin Kaysen

November 19, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Find a core group that you trust and can rely on.
Finding a core group is crucial in building a successful, cohesive team. When deciding to open a restaurant in Minneapolis, press opened a world of opportunity for Gavin. It was surprising to see floods of resumes and how many people were excited to move either back home or to a new city.

2. You need word of mouth to sway people to move to a new city.
Social media doesn’t always portray the full story. Word of mouth is essential in getting people to move to a new city to come work for your company based on reputation.

3. Don't burn bridges when you can have thoughtful exit plans.
Giving your boss a heads up about your future plans is crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship with them. Don’t put in your two weeks without any prior notice when you can have a thoughtful exit plan.

4. Have patience for the process.
Don’t focus on winning awards or titles because ultimately, “they are a celebration of what we did yesterday, not what we're going to do today or what we're going to do tomorrow.” As much as you may want to celebrate, you have to remember the hard work and patience it took to get there.

5. Focus on providing a valuable experience, not a rating.
Gavin’s philosophy in regards to his restaurants focuses on providing a meaningful experience for his customers based on living in the moment and accepting things as they come. He focuses on the “restoration” aspect of hospitality and serving others. He tries to not place a monetary value on an experience before you experience it.

Opening Soon Announcements: 8 new dining establishments in the new Nordstrom flag ship and Crown Shy in New York, NY.

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