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Episode 68: Crowd-Funded

Episode 68 : Crowd-Funded and Community-Minded : Daughter

March 26, 2021

Listen to the full episode here. 

1. Community above all.

When choosing a neighborhood for Daughter, the team was looking for a place that would cater to a community. A spot where they could create not only lasting relationship, but also a place where the money they make would go back into the neighborhood.

2. Giving back since day 1.

A big focus of Daughter is giving back to the community. The team believes that it is easier to start this way then to get into it later. So from the jump they are giving back to local organizations that they believe in. Weaving giving back into their businesses infrastructure.

3. Meals for those in need.

Daughter is also in the works on putting together a program that provides free meals to those in need. They have decided to partner with an organization that has the outreach to get these meals to the right people, and will have drivers come pick up and transport the meals. 

4. No harm in asking!

As far as funding goes their kickstarter campaign covered a lot of costs. They also have had great success with their coffee cart, so those funds have helped a lot as well. However another great contributor was they got donated expensive equipment. The team at Daughter smartly reached out to companies, told them their story and were lucky enough to receive some support via equipment for their shop. 

5.Team Effort.

Daughter has teamed up with local business Cold Moon for their pastries. Their partnership allows Cold Moon to use Daughters space for their business, and in return Daughter gets their pastries at a reduced cost. 

Opening Soon Announcements: In Brooklyn, NY  Hunky Dory , Fiasco! Wine and Spirits and Ursula. In New York, NY Samesa.