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Episode 67 : The Hypebest of Pastry

Episode 67 : The Hypebest of Pastry : Chef Paola Velez
pastry Chef Paola Velez

March 17, 2021

Listen to the full episode here.

1. If you teach a man to do a pop-up.

Having done her own pop up where the profits were donated. Chef Paola instead of just continuing that wanted to give other chefs the same opportunity. So she taught people how to do a pop-up where their profits would be donated too. 

2. Creating jobs.

Chef Paola created La Bodega so she could keep her team of 2 pastry chefs employed, but in addition to helping at La Bodega. The two also help her maintain working at two restaurants.

3. Creating hype for pastries.

Having learned from brands that do limited addition drops in apparel. Chef Paola decided to create similar drops for her pastries. Creating a unique exciting and special experience for the customer. 

4. Having a sustainable bakery.

When creating La Bodega, Chef Paola wanted the bakery to be sustainable and the bakery is having success. Creating minimal waste! For example they are integrating foods back into mains, like creating a bread pudding and then there are the pre orders. The pre orders allow them to anticipate what they need so as to not create more unnecessary waste.

5. Using down time to learn.

Chef Paola’s advice for chefs who are looking for jobs right now is to be patient. Take this time to learn (youtube university!), because that is better than going into a job that possibly isn’t ready for you. Chef Paola also recommends learning how to food cost, that now while there is no pressure is the best time and will serve you well in the future. 

Opening Soon Announcements: Helm Oyster Bar & Bistro in Portland, ME, and big thanks to Colleen and Clay over at Black Food Folks.

For help getting your restaurant a grant visit the Independent Restaurant Coalition.