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Episode 56: Jorge Guzman

Episode 56 : Finding a Space, Building, and Forging a Path During & Post-Pandemic : Jorge Guzman

November 17, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

1. A COVID Clause.

When creating their lease, Chef Guzman added what they call a COVID clause. Which essentially pointed out that during the pandemic and while they cant be at full capacity, they won’t be able to pay their rent in its entirety. So they made a deal that was fair for everyone. 

2. Being market aware. 

Knowing there were slow downs and delays in manufacturing, Petite Leon made sure to put their orders in early. 

3. Dining in...on occasion. 

Petite Leon will not be open for dine in, but they will be doing a dinner series monthly. The dinner will be ticketed, so they can take safety precautions. 

4. Doing the work yourself.

Though Chef Guzman and his partners hired a design firm to help them they did a lot of the work themselves, like sanding, grouting and re-staining wood.

5. Taking care of your employees.

When Petit Leon opens their plan is to have an hourly rate for their employees and to have a service charge instead of tips. This service charge allows them to, put money towards a health care plan, pay their employees a living wage and supplement the employees hourly rate. Essentially they will be taking care of the entire team. 

Opening Soon Announcements: Helluva Time in Los Angeles, CA and Red Wagon Pizza in Minneapolis, MN.