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Brianne Chan is the culinary liaison at Jon & Vinny's in Los Angeles.

Brianne Chan
Brianne sporting our Women's Jumpsuit in black.

Can you give me a brief rundown of your "average" workday? (I know you probably don't have a normal work day, but as best as you can!)

It starts off with me walking to work. I wanted to add that subtle flex in because I know how rare it is for people in LA to be able to walk to their work. IT'S THE BEST ! Once I'm at work though there really is no "average" work day. I like to call myself Jon and Vinny's "handler" -- I act as their manager, publicist, agent and handle communications for the group. My day really consist of emails - lots & lots of emails ! Our group now has eight restaurants, the newest being our second location of Petit Trois in Sherman Oaks -- so right now it's a lot of early mornings driving over the hill to be at the new spot. The best part of my day? Being able to eat all of the bomb things that the chefs are always working on. I always say I'm there to get "content" for our social media, but they know what's really up. Forever hungry.

How would you describe your personal style?

My vibe varies so much ! I'm a big fan of a white tee and jeans. Also, love a good jumpsuit ;)

How does your work play into that?

When I get dressed for work, whatever I put on that day I know I'm coming home with it smelling like food and / or with stains of some sort. White pants ?? Forget about it !

One word you'd use to describe why you do what you do? You're more than welcome to explain why you chose the word, or just let it ride!

Love. I have so much love for Jon, Vinny, Helen, the restaurants and everyone who works in the restaurants. They are the people that motivate me everyday to hustle and work hard.


Written by Alex McCrery — June 20, 2018

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