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Four Tips for Choosing a Restaurant Uniform

Four Tips for Choosing a Restaurant Uniform

Four Tips for Choosing a Restaurant Uniform

Now that you’ve finalized the menu and have hired the staff, it’s time to start planning the finer details of your restaurant’s grand opening. When it comes to opening a restaurant, new uniforms are a great way to stand out and solidify your brand identity. These four tips for choosing a restaurant uniform will help you find the right look that is equal parts fashionable and functional.


All restaurateurs know that even the tiniest details can have a big impact on the overall image of their restaurant. Restaurant uniforms are no exception, as they can play an important part in your business’ branding. To make the most of this opportunity, consider investing in custom uniforms decorated with your restaurant’s name and logo. However, for a subtle, modern restaurant uniform that still complements your desired aesthetic, choose garments that correlate with your restaurant’s design scheme. Coordinating uniforms across all restaurant positions, from the front of the house to the back of the kitchen, will give your restaurant a more cohesive and professional look.


In addition to looking polished and professional, you also want your restaurant uniform to be functional. When staff members feel comfortable in their uniforms, they’ll work more efficiently and have an overall positive attitude. Restaurant kitchens can get very hot very quickly, so you’ll want to choose a uniform that is lightweight and breathable. It may also be in your best interest to choose attire that absorbs sweat—avoid materials such as nylon as it clings to the body and offers little ventilation. Additionally, you should look for uniforms that boast mobility. Short-sleeved chefs coats and shirts are less restrictive and are a simple way to keep staff cool and comfortable when cooking.


Another subtle detail that can make a big difference when choosing restaurant uniforms is color. Color psychology has played a large part in marketing strategies for many years. In fact, a 2006 study by Satyendra Singh found “that managers can use colors to increase or decrease appetite, enhance mood, calm down customers, and, reduce perception of waiting time.” The theory of color psychology states that bright colors, such as yellow and orange, will draw in customers and evoke feelings of warmth and friendliness. Similarly, individuals typically associate cooler colors, such as green, with health. Furthermore, the color red encourages appetite, making it a great choice for your restaurant uniforms.


Our final tip for choosing a restaurant uniform is to take stains into consideration. Spills are inevitable when cooking, even in professional kitchens staffed with highly skilled chefs. To maintain a professional appearance, consider choosing a restaurant uniform in a darker color, such as black or navy blue, as they’re better at hiding stains. Moreover, pick uniforms with an easy to clean material to ensure this doesn’t become a perpetual issue.

Due to the inevitability of spills, it may also be beneficial to purchase several uniforms. Before you designate this responsibility to the employees, consider purchasing versatile uniforms in bulk. Although many employees report having to pay for their own uniform, ordering in bulk will save your business and your staff money over time.  

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