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bartending tools

10 must-have bartending tools

When working on new concepts and designs, we always make sure keep the user in mind. This is why we teamed up with Eamon Rockey to make our very first Bartender's Bag. As a sprits professional and founder of Rockey's, Eamon understood what it would take to build the perfect bag for all bartending needs.

And not only does he know how to build the perfect bartending bag, he also knows what you need to have IN that bag. So we had Eamon share his ten must-have tools to have stocked in your bag at all times. We'll let him take it away....

Epicurean Cutting Board

Cutting boards are often an afterthought when packing for an off-site event, but once prep begins, it definitely pays to have the right one for the job. This lightweight, durable board is just the right size to slip into the back of the Bartender Bag, won't stain and doesn't slip around.

bartending tools

LIANYU Ice Scoop

The number of times I've packed meticulously and carefully to prepare cocktails in a popup bar, forgotten to pack an ice scoop, and had to improvise by using a tin or plastic cup… A strong, simple, and compact ice scoop like this puts an end to that predicament.

bartending tools

Queen Beehive Juicer

In addition to it's clean and sturdy design, this juicer has a leg up on the competition in that its dimensions allow it to tackle almost any kind of citrus, when properly trimmed.

bartending tools

Ikura Bartender's Utility Knife

Designed by a bartender, for bartenders, this knife holds its edge and fits neatly into the Bartender Bag's smaller compartment front zip pocket for safe storage and easy access.

bartending tools

Coco Strainer

This strainer fits an entire shaken cocktail and is the exact right mesh weave to catch pesky ice particals, while letting finer bubbles and foam flow freely, and the flat patch at the bottom of the cone speeds up the straining process.

must-have bartending tools

Trident Barspoon

Tight coil, single-piece construction, classic spoon design, and cherry-seeking trident. What else could you want in an all-purpose barspoon?

must-have bartending tools

Seamless Yarai Mixing Glass

The Yarai mixing glass has become synonymous with durability and style in virtually every professional bar. Single piece, seamless, construction reduces splitting and adds to the elegant design.

must-have bartending tools

Koriko Weighted Shaking Tins

Holding the perfect volume of liquid and ice for a delicious old-school sour, these tins unlock just as well as they seal. State of the art simplicity, and classic design.

must-have bartending tools

Japanese Style Jigger

Whether you've graduated to the metric system, or held fast to western standard measurement, the tall and handsome design of Japanese jiggers ensures you stick to precise specs, and don't sacrifice speed.

must-have bartending tools

Eutuxia Silicone Funnel

Oftentimes, funnels are the bottleneck in an otherwise efficient production process. A washable, collapsable funnel keeps you bottling your syrups, batches, and infusions efficiently; it is crucial to pick a funnel that has an external air channel along the outside of the spout!

must-have bartending tools

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