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Alluring Aprons

Alluring Aprons: The Fashion of The Kitchen

Looking to make a statement in the kitchen the next time you’re whipping up a killer dish? Well then, meet your new best friend: the apron. From chic patterns and designs to premium high-quality fabrics, aprons are a chef’s must-have while cooking up their next masterpiece. 

Although simple by design, aprons bear a rich history that continue to set precedent for our master chefs of modern day.


Fun Facts & History 

Derived from the word “towel,” aprons have been around far longer than we realize….

It was during the 12th century and the Middle Ages when historians first begin to notice the introduction of aprons. Worn mostly worn by workers looking to shield their clothing from debris and other substances; there are speculations of aprons being introduced long before during ancient times! 

Some ancient figures are said to have worn aprons such as Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, Assyrian priests, the Bronze Age Minoan Civilization, and a goddess. 

As people continued to wear aprons throughout the Middle Ages, it began earning the reputation as a symbol of a domestic worker. It wasn’t until the 16th century that it become a fashion symbol …. That’s right, you can still be fashionable in an apron! 

Aprons became a fashion statement during the 1940s, when it became almost a requirement for household women to be portrayed wearing one while working around the home. Because of this normalcy at the time, aprons then became a symbol of nurture, warmth, and care, taking off in both production and sales. Various patterns, fabrics, and homemade aprons came about. But while women, who primarily at the time stayed home to work were the obvious market, aprons were also being made for men. We couldn’t forget about the grill masters needing to stay clean! 


Different Types of Aprons

Believe it or not, there are a variety of ways to style, use and even tie an apron! There are several different types of aprons for people in the restaurant industry and other individuals who need the protection while they are working. Some of the main differences between professional aprons are the length and material. 

We typically think of aprons being wrapped around the neck and covering from the chest down to mid-thigh; however, some only cover below the waist. Cobblestone aprons even go as far to cover some of the shoulders. 


Who Wears Them?

Chefs aren’t the only people who can benefit from the use of an apron. Have you ever noticed the teams in your favorite favorite hotels? Your Hairdresser? Carpenter? Food server? Artist? All of these people have one thing in common: they’re wearing some kind of apron. 

Those are just a few individuals who wear aprons while they’re working. The list could still go on, but the point is that these garments are extremely multi-purposeful. Protecting clothes is one of the reasons why so many people love wearing aprons. Not only are they a protective barrier, but they can also act as a quick storage space for utensils or handy items.

Some aprons have pockets or little nooks that make them the perfect place to store tools for carpentry, small cooking utensils, scissors or combs, notepads, and more. They are so functional for everyday use that there is no limit as to who could wear an apron! 

It’s inevitable that people working in the restaurant business are going to have the occasional spillage find itself onto their clothes. What better way to solve this than by wearing an apron? There are plenty of high-quality aprons in the right colors, patterns, and materials fit for the chefs in your kitchen to wear while preparing excellent meals for hungry customers. 

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