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April 1, 2020

Listen to the Full Episode here.

1. Kat has written an article for Food and Wine that addresses a lot of the issues that people who have lost their jobs in the food industry are facing. Her resources being ones that don't require leaving the house but also are approachable and either low cost or free.

2. In her conversations with chefs who are attempting to maintain normalcy through this, ideas that can help include using kitchen language in your own home or putting on the uniform you would wear to work.

3. Keeping connected is so important during this time, and other resources Kat mentions include, CHOW, Ben's Friends, and In the Rooms.

4. It's also important for business owners at this time to check in on their employees. Like reaching out to them as a group; letting you know that you are thinking about them and providing them with resources. If you are to reach out to someone, one on one you can approach it by not only checking in but also making sure they know they don’t need to respond, thus taking the responsibility off of them.

5. Other resources that you can use to help take care of yourself during this time include the InSight Timer App, the Headspace App, and go to Kat’s twitter where she tweets out reminders to her followers to unclench.

6. If you are worried about your own or someone's safety, resources that can help are the Crisis Text Line 741 741 and the Giving Kitchen.   

Written by Alex McCrery — April 13, 2020


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