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January 16, 2021

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Working with your landlord.

At the beginning of lock down Maiko and Emily reached out to their landlord to discuss rent. They were luckily able to get a 50% reduction from April to October. Seeing that the pandemic wasn’t really going anywhere they spoke again in September and were able to reduce more until March, and get a rent break in January. 

2. What’s on the horizon.

Bessou is also a part of the Time Out Market in Dumbo. The market has decided to close for the winter but has invited the vendors to come back when the market re-opens.

3. Taking a break and looking forward.

Bassau will close for the month of January. Looking towards the future Bassau will be  strengthening the Bassau pantry, and going back to take out and delivery.

4. Helping the community.

Throughout the pandemic Bassau has been working with Heart of Dinner. A company in New York that does relief meals for Asian American seniors. They will continue this even while they are closed in January. 

5. Preparing your staff for your absence.

Since both Maiko and Chef Emily are pregnant they tried to prepare their staff as much as they could. Chef Emily has already stepped back a bit because of the physical nature of the job, which has helped the staff already to take more charge. 

Opening Soon Announcements: Kimika, Silver Apricot and Francie in New York, NY. Also please call Congress and check out

Written by Macgill Webb — January 28, 2021


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