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October 4, 2020

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Closing one vs. the other.

Lien had to make the tough decision to close one of her restaurants and though both weren’t making enough money. Some of the reasons why she chose to keep her newer business All Day Baby open was; it’s food was better for take out, there was still some allure from customers, and it was making more money. At the end of the day she also felt it wasn’t fair to end it so soon after opening. 

2. The power of expansion.

As a part of her deal with her landlord, Lien has taken over a vacant space across from her restaurant. Her landlord won’t be charging her for the space so that she can bring in more money towards the rent. In the space she will open a whole new concept under the All Day Baby umbrella, but it will be completely different from All Day Baby. 

3. Why I’m here.

Even though this is a hard time for the restaurant industry. Being so involved in every aspect of the restaurant and working so hard has reminded Lien why she likes the industry to begin with. She loves being present and being a part of all the parts of her restaurant. 

4. Being honest.

Lien is honest though that it is intimidating opening a restaurant right now. Time is dwindling on nice outdoor dining weather, and the costs of everything. 

5. Never stop.

Lien’s attitude of having to try and that she won’t rest is essential to success right now, because as she notes every sale counts and each one can lead to another.

Opening Soon Anouncements: Tsubaki and El Cholo in Los Angeles, CA. Ostia in Houston, TX. 


Written by Macgill Webb — October 13, 2020


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