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Episode 21: Creating a Unique Experience Simon Kim

Episode 21 : Creating a Unique Experience : Simon Kim


October 29, 2019

Listen to the full episode here.

1. Find people who have a positive outlook and fully support your vision.
Instead of climbing uphill battles with investors who don’t understand your concept, move on to those who will. The healthiest relationships between restaurateurs and investors will be rooted in excitement and support.

2. Spend quality time on finding your core team.
These will be the people who will be with you through thick and thin, so ensure that they are integrity driven.

3. When it comes to family and friends, reach out for resources.
Ask those around you for advice and knowledge because more often than not, people want to help. Even if they are not in the restaurant industry, they could have valuable knowledge in other applicable fields.

4. Find a financial team that can support your creative endeavors.
No matter how passionate you are about a concept, without financial support, nothing will last. At Coote, there is a bookkeeper, a CFO, and a fully dedicated staff to look at financial aspects of the business to support the creative visions of the chefs.

5. New ideas will always be mimicked, but all ideas are inspired from others.
Although this topic stirs mixed emotions, Simon emphasizes that in the restaurant industry, all ideas stem from existing ones. Businesses should recognize others in their similar endeavors, but at the end of the day, rising tides lift all ships.

Opening Soon Announcements: The Banty Rooster in New York, NY and Bamboo Sushi on the West coast.