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Your kitchen is a great place to entertain, spend time together, and have fun creating new recipes, but it's also dangerous if you're not careful. Kitchen injuries are not uncommon, but there are ways to help prevent them. Using caution while cooking is top priority. You can't enjoy, or even fi...

Bad Bitches

The Bad Bitches Tell us a little about the driving goal and passion of the Bad Bitches?  We are eating the industry of gender bias while having a damn good time.  We want to provide out an outlet, resource, and female perspective on the food and beverage industry. Do you think women have i...
Chef Angie Mar is the Executive Chef of The Beatrice Inn. Find her infamous 45-Dry Aged Burger at her pop-up in Madison Square Eats this May and in multiple pop-ups in London this summer. Pictured in homage to Chef Marco Pierre White in Tilit's Railroad WORK apron and Women's Short Sleeve Chef ...