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5 Tips to Acing Your Restaurant Interview Stage

Restaurant Interview

Food is more than health and nutrition. Food is art, and passion, and it brings people together. Whether you want to be a chef, or a server, you should convey that passion during your interview. It's important to show up prepared, so here are 5 tips to acing your restaurant interview/stage.

1. Show Off Your Experience

If you're a chef, you should tell them some of your greatest stories and accomplishments, even if they're just from culinary school. They want to know they're getting the best, show them that that's you. If you're interested in being a server, tell them about a time that will show you can follow instructions. It's important to keep up when things get complicated and hectic, because in a restaurant it's bound to happen.

2. Know About Food

Even if you're just interviewing for a serving position, you should have some knowledge. You don't have to know everything, but you should know the difference between alfredo sauce and mushroom cream sauce. It's important to show that you care about the type of business you're applying to. Showing interest goes a long way. If you want to be a chef, you should show off any impressive knowledge you have with more obscure cooking techniques or recipes. 

3. Look Professional

Businesses want to trust the people they hire to care for their staff, customers, and food. It helps to show attention to detail in small the things, and that includes your appearance. For a professional look, that has comfort and style consider Tilt NYC's collar work shirt, and flex chef pants

4. Show That You Care About The Customer

The people who dine at a restaurant can make or break it. When interviewing as a chef you want to convey that you care deeply about the quality of food that you serve. You want to give those dining with you an exquisite experience as they eat the food you've prepared. As a server, you're the person that the customer will interact with the most. You should convey that you care about the customers experience, and will serve their food in a timely manner. You affect their evening, so show the interviewer that you'll go above and beyond to make sure it's perfect. 

5. Arrive Early

It's obvious that you shouldn't be late to an interview, but arriving early conveys professionalism and promptness. It's the perfect way to impress your interviewer from the moment you walk in. Separate yourself from the others interviewing for the same position, by showing the interviewer that the job is important to you. Businesses want to hire people who love their work, and show up on time to do it. 

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