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cook with kids

5 Things Chefs Love to Cook with their Kids!

cook with kids

Cooking is a family event.

So with the arrival our kid's apron, we thought it would be fun to ask some chefs their favorite dish to cook with their kids.

5 Things Chefs Love to Cook with their Kids

Chef Matt Lambert, Co-Owner of The Musket Room - Steak (a big rib eye) and salad.

Chef Matthew Jennings, Owner of Townsman- We like to do pizza nights with the kids. 

 Chef Akiko Thurnauer- My daughters are interested in cooking, so we make cookies and pancakes together. We don’t cook savory together yet. I normally cook Asian food because we don’t eat Western food as much. 

 Chef German Villatoro, Culinary Director at Convene- My wife makes Pozole with me and my baby girl Madelyn’s favorite vegetable puree is zucchini.

Chef Alex McCrery, Co-Founder of Tilit NYC - Waffles because she can take part in making them and she actually eats them when we’re done!

kids cooking

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*A little backstory on our partnership with Edible Schoolyard:  We've partnered with the fantastic team at @esynyc Edible Schoolyard NYC, to create a kid's apron that echoes the style and utility of our professional chef aprons. Each apron purchased will also provide $10 to ESYNYC to assist with their mission to transform the hearts, minds, and eating habits of young New Yorkers through garden and kitchen classes integrated into the school day.

kids apron

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