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Women's International Day

Happy Women's International Day from Tilit!

 Happy International Women's Day to all the amazing strong women in the hospitality industry, on team Tilit , and beyond! You inspire us everyday to create better #workwear.

And as a company that is 70% operated by women, we'd like to celebrate all the women behind your favorite work wear!



What you do at Tilit? Co-founder, COO, Team Mom.

Fave food? Fried chicken.

Best piece of career advice? Hindsight is 20/20 so use those insights and look forward! 

Currently wearing? A custom Tilit worker coat in slate Canvas with blush trim and our cloud gray chef shirt.



What you do at Tilit? Account Manager.

Fave food? Popcorn.

Best piece of career advice? Stay persistent!

Currently wearing? My navy worker coat!



What you do at Tilit? Account Manager

Fave food? Any pork product.

Best piece of career advice? Stay curious as to your customers needs.

Currently wearing? Our cone denim French Workshirt!



What you do at Tilit? Production Manager/godmother to all office dogs/resident meme generator.

Fave food? Chicken nuggets.

Best piece of career advice? If you don’t hype yourself up, who else will? Trust your intuition and push yourself to be the best.

Currently wearing? Black worker coat + black chef shirt 🔥



What you do at Tilit? Production Assistant.

Fave food? Anything breakfast with a side of bacon. 😋

Best piece of career advice? Try not to compare your career path/aspirations to others. Everyone’s journey is different so don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you; no matter how out of the ordinary it may be.

Currently wearing? I wear my Tilit beanie the most.. but my fave is the chef shirt.



What you do at Tilit? Head Seamstress.

Fave food? Fish, lobster, green vegetables and fruit.

Best piece of career advice? Work hard, be persistant, and be nice to people!

Currently wearing? I'm always carrying by chef backpack!


Ka Men 

What you do at Tilit? Seamstress.

Fave food? I like healthy foods!

Best piece of career advice? Physical health is the most important in life.

Currently wearing? Gray chambray french kitchen workshirt.



What you do at Tilit? Assistant.

Fave food? I like healthy food, such as tofu and vegetables.

Best piece of career advice? Never give up, and always be a team player!

Currently wearing? My black tactical pants!

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