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Food Flash 2017

Food Flash 2017

food flash

Sunday, November 12th
319 Grand St. 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002

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Food Flash is an event created and hosted by Tilit NYC to raise funds for programs that directly affect the hospitality industry and its community. Food Flash is a flash tattoo event, meaning predetermined quick (30 minutes or less) pieces that the canvas, you!, can get for a reduced rate from normal working rates. The artists are donating their time and their expertise to this cause and we love them for that!

Food Flash 2017 will take place at our showroom in NYC on Sunday November 12th. We are fortunate to partner with Leaf Chang, owner of Gnostic Tattoo in Brooklyn for the inaugural event. Leaf will be joined by artist Lina Hsiao. This event’s charity recipient will be the Immigrant Defense Project (IDP), a NYC-based non-profit that works to protect and secure the rights of all immigrants, focusing on those who are accused or convicted of crimes.

100% of your ticket price and 100% of all profits from event swag will go to IDP to help further their mission. You can help by taking part in the event, donating on your own or simply spreading the word about IDP.


Team Tilit

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