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shift drink

Shift Drink with Death & Company

Who says your shift drink needs to be in a can?
(Not that there's anything wrong with cans!)   
We had some of our favorite bars in NYC test-drive our new Bartender's Bag while making one of their signature cocktails! And our first stop had to be Death and Company, one of the most popular and influential cocktail lounges in NYC! 

While there, we were able to try a couple of their amazing cocktails from bartenders Shannon Tebay and Sam Johnson. They also break down the recipes and tell us their inspiration for the cocktails they chose. Check it out below!

To start off, Shannon Tebay decided to showcase the 'Catamaran', a summer-inspired cocktail.


shift drink

Catamaran Recipe:

- 1.5 oz Bimini Gin

- .5 oz Perry’s Tot Navy Strength Gin

- 1 oz Don’s Mix (2:1 fresh grapefruit juice to cinnamon syrup)

- .5 oz fresh lemon juice

- .5 oz Aperol

- .5 oz Coco Lopez.

Add all ingredients to a cocktail tin, briefly shake, and pour over crushed ice. Finally, garnish with grated cinnamon and an orchid.

Why did choose to make this specific cocktail? Any special reason behind it? 

  • I made the Catamaran because it was one of my favorite cocktails on the Death & Co. summer menu. Not only is it visually striking, but I found it to be transportive. As soon as I have a sip, I’m instantly on the beach enjoying the New England summer sun. 

shift drink


shift drink

shift drink cocktail

death & company


After the Catamaran, Sam Johnson prepared the 'False Summit' cocktail!

death & company

False Summit Recipe:

-1.5 oz Tyrconnell Irish Whiskey

-0.5 oz Navazos Palazzi Olorosso Rum

-2 tsp Gonzales Byass Pedro Ximenez Sherry

-1 tsp Tempus Fugit Creme de Banana

Note: It is important to measure all ingredients in a stirring glass and stir briefly. Strain over an ice block in a rocks glass and garnish with an orange twist. And then enjoy!

    Why did choose to make this specific cocktail? Any special reason behind it?
    • This is the drink I crave as a nightcap. Rich, dense flavors highlight the base spirits’ own qualities. This is a slow sipper.

      death & company

      death & company

      ice cube




      And not only did we taste some delicious cocktails, the bartender's bag got rave  reviews from the entire Death and Co team! Available for pre-order now and will ship on Dec. 1st, right in time for the holidays. 


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