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Fred, Stephanie and John Catellucci

A Lockdown is Lifted, But when will the Doors Open

Fred Castellucci (President, CEO), Stephanie Castellucci (Operations) John Castellucci


1. Not Yet
When the state of Georgia decided to re-open The Castellucci Hospitality Group decided based on the information at hand to stay closed for dining in, but to continue their delivery and take - out services. This decision was met with support and love from their customers and community.
2. Group Up
The Castellucci Hospitality Group has come together with other restaurant groups and created a coalition. The Coalition has created the #georgiahospitalitytogether,  the group even running an ad showing who they were and what their take is on the situation.
3. Try Something New
A creative way the Castellucci Hospitality Group has approached this, is by creating a Pop Up within their restaurant. They did this not only because the original fine dining plan of the restaurant wasn’t going to work well with to go but also because it created buzz.
4. Looking at the Facts
When deciding on when to reopen, the CHG are looking at the same information that Public Health Officials are looking to. In addition, they are considering when people will feel comfortable to dine out again.
5. Taking it Slow
As they prepare to re-open in the future. The CHG wants to be just as cautious as they were when they weren’t open to the public. So they need this time to prepare, which means getting their staff properly trained.
6. Necessary Measures
Measures that the CHG are taking include wearing masks and gloves and putting together training documents for their employees. In addition they are also creating new floor plans to contain the 6 foot rule, and asking their landlords if they can do things like expand their outdoor spaces so they can put in more tables. Getting creative on how they can serve their guests. 

Written by Alex McCrery — May 07, 2020

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