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mentoring next gen

Mentoring the Next Generation of Leaders with Chef Ed Lee and The Lee Initiative

chef ed lee and the lee initiative

1. Ask for the education you want.
Because you won’t learn unless you reach out and seek mentorship.

2. Value your own time.
Ed notes that “for every year you spend in a bad kitchen, you’re wasting your time. There are plenty of good chefs out there.”

3. You have the opportunity to change the industry.
The LEE initiative is less about a women’s movement and more about diversifying the restaurant industry. Unlike 20 years ago, individuals entering the industry have the opportunity to impact it for the better. This next generation is all about activism. Nowadays, chef’s are also activists representing a greater narrative or community.

4. Mentorships are the new stages.
Since stages are now antiquated, mentorship programs are integral in a chef’s education process. Even spending a week immersed in a professional kitchen will offer you important lessons in the industry.

5.Perspectives are shifting.
The LEE initiative fosters an open dialogue that discusses the shift in perspectives in the modern restaurant industry, including a discussion about maternity leave. Rather than viewing motherhood as a negative, Ed and Lindsey see qualities such as responsibility, efficiency and individuals who value a work-life balance. Don’t let traditional narratives discourage you… because most are being rewritten.