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Lessons in Alternative Financing with Maya Lovelace

Lessons in Alternative Financing with Maya Lovelace

1. Be emotionally prepared.
If you’re planning on crowdfunding, understand that there are certain pressures that arise from accepting other people’s money. You’re not only opening yourself up to ridicule, but you’re also opening yourself up to people making certain demands because of their contribution. Overall, it is a fulfilling yet intense emotional experience.

2. Build a portfolio.
For people to trust you with their money, it’s beneficial to already have an established name and proof of concept. In the era of Instagram, it’s important to share your talents and accomplishments with the public via social media.

3. Take on partners.
Be cautious in the partnering process. Partnerships should feel like you want to “ride off into the sunset” with them. Make sure that both of you have the same vision for the business not only in the present but for the future.

4. Involve personal financial risk.
It’s important for investors to see that you’re investing your own money in the concept. This shows your personal investment in the business and that they can trust your intentions.

5. Community support is everything.
In alternative financing processes, community building is everything. Make sure to build your nest egg and continue to grow a community of supporters that are excited about the projects you pursue. Most often, communities rally behind the individual themselves and their visions.