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A Book, Baby

Episode 78: A Book, Baby and making room to grow: Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli

July 12, 2021

When one door closes another door opens. The last year has closed a lot of doors, around the world, across the country, and here in NYC. For those that have made it through, opportunities are abundant. Perhaps expanding to a new city or a new neighborhood. Or what about a space down the street, or even right next door?

Our guests today are chefs Scott Tacinelli and Angie Tacinelli of Don Angie in NY’s West Village. When Alex and I were gorging ourselves last month on all the deliciousness at Don Angie, our amazing server described their food perfectly as all your favorite Italian American classics zhuzh’ed up. Aside from being awarded a prestigious Michelin Star this year, Scott and Angie also welcomed a new family member, a baby boy, and are publishing their first cookbook, titled Italian American, in October.

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