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Episode 64 : Building a business on Bologna

Episode 64 : Building a business on Bologna with the Trashalachian crew
Trashalachian sandwhich

February 20, 2021

Listen to the full episode here

1. Silver linings in a shut down.

When it became obvious in late November that North Carolina was going to be shut down again. Chef Andrew decided to preserve foods and make bulk lunch meat. Knowing he would like to do a bologna sandwich pop up if they were to shut down the restaurant. 

2. Growing.

Chef Andrew decided to collaborate on his bologna sandwich dreams, and so brought in Chefs Graham, Rob and PJ. When developing the rest of the menu around the original bologna sandwich, they really looked at what they had in their fridges and freezers. From there they put together their small 5 iteam menu.

3. Kickback.

Trashalachian uses the company Kickback for their delivery services. Kickback is a local company and its a great delivery option for restaurants because they don’t charge the restaurants for their services, unlike other delivery options out there. 

4. Staying relevant. 

Another benefit of a pop up like Trashlacian is that it keeps you and your business in the minds of the community. 

5. Working together.

The benefit of working together can really be seen in Trashalacian. They successfully brought together their different skills to compliment one another. 

Opening Soon Announcements: 

Avenue M is reopening in Asheville, NC Mach 9, also open in Asheville, NC is Session Cafe and Francie in Brooklyn, NY is open as well. 

New York Restaurant workers are available to get the vaccine! So check out where you are eligible to get yours.