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Eric See : Ursula

Episode 63 : Community as a Catalyst for Business with Eric See : Ursula
chef Eric See of ursula

February 11, 2021

Listen to the full episode here.

1. 6 weeks?!

Using a space that a friend was no longer going to be able to use, Chef See was able to get everything up and running in 6 weeks!

2. Sometimes there are bandaids.

However with the quick turnaround Chef See did admit that there are some bandaids that will need to be addressed down the road. 

3. Looking out for your employees.

Something that is very important to Chef See after his time in restaurants is treating his employees well. So his employees can get enough hours. He has a small staff. He pays kitchen employees and baristas higher than minimum wage, and he even gave out bonuses during the holidays. See wants his employees to feel respected and to be financially comfortable.  

4. Collaboration. 

Collaboration is also a significant part of Ursula. Chef See really sees the benefit of it because of what pop ups did for him. So at Ursula he is doing a series of Queer community take out pop ups.

5. Gaining confidence.

Chef See admits that the hardest part for him when opening Ursula was his confidence, but with the support of his family and community he was able to pull it off. 

Opening Soon Announcements: For All Good Things in Brooklyn, NY. The Queer pop series at Ursula in Brooklyn, NY: DACHA!, Woldy Kusina, Chile Con Miel, Zacarías González, Kia Damon, Tiff Bryant, and Hender Gonzales.  

Also be sure to check out @simiautomatic on Instagram she created the logo for Ursula and is a graphic designer and visual artist in NYC.