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INKED Collection

This season's collection started as a path "back to black," After having done Spring and Summer collections with more pop and patterns, I wanted to strip it down a bit. In addition, we have a couple of new garment designs launching in this collection, including the Long Sleeved Overshirt, a Long Sleeved version of our Henley T, and Hand-Dyed and Dipped Aprons. When launching new styles, I like the idea of keeping them in a clean, utilitarian color palette to let the new design speak for itself and have the best chance of being well received. When thinking black, but wanting to add some uniqueness, I leaned toward the idea of doing some hand-dyed garments that might resemble ink or aprons having been dipped in ink. This is where the "inked" collection name stemmed from. We'll have 2 versions of our popular Brooklyn aprons: A natural/cream that has been dip-dyed in black ink, and a black version that has been dip-bleached. 

The merch for this collection is inspired by tattoo culture, a mainstay part of life in the hospitality industry, with a tattoo-ified TILIT logo, a collection of hospitality-themed temporary tattoos, T's, and hats all pull from this creative journey.