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Episode 73

Episode 73: Designing a profitable beverage program: Adam Fournier

May 18, 2021

It's common knowledge that wine and alcohol sales have much better margins than food. Building a great bar program not only delights guests but can also really drive profitability. But how does a post lockdown world turn the bar program on its head? Many major metropolitan cities still haven’t opened up bar seating, which challenges the added revenue restaurateurs are accustomed to as diners wait for their tables. Amongst other challenges like dwindling large groups and events, how can the cocktail remain fun and exciting while still driving revenue?

Our guest today is Adam Fournier. Adam is the World Class sponsored by Diageo Bartender of the Year for 2021. This means he will go on to represent the US and compete in International World Class in July. Adam has 15+ Years of hospitality experience, as Bar Manager at awarding-winning Nomad LA, and now Bar Director at Fellow LA.


Photo Courtesy of Adam Fournier.

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