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Episode 70 : A Different Kind of Butcher Shop

Episode 70 : A Different Kind of Butcher Shop and Business : Butcher Girls
Jocelyn and Erika butcher girls owners

April 14, 2021

Listen to the full episode here. 

1. Helping out.

At the beginning of the pandemic Jocelyn and Erika were grocery shopping for their friends that couldn’t go to the store. From there they started to reach out to farmers and see how they were doing, and what they needed was to sell their meat. Seeing that void and wanting to help Butcher Girls was born!

2. Sustainability!

Butcher Girls also wanted to be sustainable from the jump. Which is why they use a subscription based model. In addition to the membership they also engage with their customer and find out what their meat preferences are through a questionnaire. Which they then use to help them give the customer the best experience.

3. The importance of a good space.

Being able to sublease from Campbell Meats; a fully furnished butcher shop, made Butcher Girls possible. 

4. Making a good website. 

Jocelyn and Erika have had some experience with E commerce, but for Butcher girls they ramped it up, and they use the shopify platform.

5. What’s ahead.

Having had such success with Butcher Girls over the pandemic they are now opening a brick and mortar in Long Island City and are working on a location in LA! 

Opening Soon Announcements: Dacha in Brooklyn, NY.