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"Brick-walled dining room with cozy patio featuring Mexican fare & the namesake cocktail"
Address227 E 116th St, New York, NY 10029
One week into moving to East Harlem I discovered my second home.  I used to think it was impossible to become recognized as a "regular" somewhere in New York City.  Out of millions of people and restaurants it can often become difficult to truly find a favorite spot.  Out of the many authentic food spots in my hood, Mojitos has been my go to.  Not only do they have a non-stop happy hour filled with amazing Mojitos, Sangria, and Margaritas the food is pretty top notch. 
I have pretty much ordered the same plate since 2014.  Quarter (sometimes half) chicken with a side of rice and beans while indulging in the complimentary chips and salsa and red Sangria.  My friends, however, who aren't so boring have tried pretty much everything on the menu which is delicious and well priced.  I spend many of my weekends in the Beer Garden at Mojitos which is beautifully decorated almost like a dream backyard.  Next time any of you readers are in Harlem make sure you stop by and say hello to my favorite bartender Rafael!

Written by Keiera Bates — August 15, 2016

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