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As a cook you're constantly learning from the chefs above you, but as you become a chef of your own place it becomes increasingly challenging to find great sources of continued education. Below are a few recommendations from the Tilit Chef Goods team that can help you stay fresh and in turn improve yourself and your restaurant. 

1. Collaborate. Work with local and foreign chefs to throw a collaborative dinner or dinner series. It will help spur your creativity and also help build each other's network! The chefs of Contra in New York's Lower East Side are a great example of collaborative learning.

2. Join a chef community! Journee is a community for restaurant professionals. They offer membership for just $1/day. Membership includes both in person and online classes covering everything from health inspections to wine tastings. 

3. Read. Aside from cookbooks there are amazing periodicals in today's food world. In addition to the stalwarts like Bon Appetit Magazine, checkout the Food Book Fair for some of the freshest new indie magazines in the world of food. 


Written by Alex McCrery — April 05, 2016

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